Polina Joffe is a Berlin-based graphic artist and creative director currently working as the lead designer of Loop at Ableton AG.


Time spent researching legibility and modern reading systems underpins Polina’s typographic-led process and style, which she has applied to projects for a wide range of clientele and throughout her art. After completing her MA in Contemporary Typographic Media at UAL, Polina designed in-house at Tate where she produced graphics, environmental designs, and visualised high-profile exhibitions and campaigns before moving on to establishing her own art and design practise. 

Selected Press:
Adobe - 99U, AIGA Eye on Design, It's Nice That, People of Print, Exhibition Art – Graphics and Space Design, Tate Learning, It's Nice That Annual, Imprint II – Innovative Book and Promo Design, Art of the Book II, Slanted Magazine, Page, Page II, File Magazine.

Lectures and Workshops:
Style and Idea in Design Practice — Glug Berlin
Communicating With Typography — B.A. Lectures: Middlesex University, Herdfordshire University
Career in the Arts — Engaging Local Youth in the Arts: Better Bankside, Tate Collectives
Paralysed by Choice — M.A. Lectures: University Of The Arts London

Design Writing:
Visual Fiction - Transformation, translation & transgression in the form of the book


©Polina Joffe