Ode to Construction
Abstraction in the Digital Age

What happens when a construction moves from code to print, or from code to space? What gets lost? What stays the same?

Constructed from pixels and data, transformed into vector files, travelling through the cloud to an offset printer, and translated into physical metal objects, Ode to Construction – Abstraction in the Digital Age, moves effortlessly between sreen, print, and space and simultaneously questions its context and medium.

The installation shows a translation of pages 488-489 from the Ode to Construction book, traversing from code to print to spatial objects.

First presented at Onomatopee Projects in Eindhoven, Netherlands between October – November, 2020.

Architect: Kaisa Karvinen
Production: Studio Remy
Generative code: Leonid Joffe, Frederic Marx
Curation: Joannette van der Veer
Photography: Wibke Bramesfeld